Entry #1

The Euology

2007-10-06 18:54:53 by IcyLemon

It's been a while since I last logged onto newgrounds, and I certainly dont recall all this fancy new layout to say the least.
I've got a surprising couple of PM's asking about what i'm planning to do with the FF:NG series. It's strange to hear me talk about it like that like it was something amazing and worthy of the identifier "series" so i'll be blunt. I really diddn't expect to make anything big out of it and I most cirtainly haven't exactly "struck gold" so to say, but it was surprisingly successful for reasons I can't comprehend.
When I made it I was at my "14-15 year old flash animation phase" as I put it, and I was, by no measures, a master :P
So if anyone actually reads this and gives a damn, i'm afraid I will not be making another, for the same reason I gave when I first called it off. I go to college atm (I also have a job), and soon university to study Computer Science, and so i'm really more into actual programming now than animation. Secondly, I lost my Flash CD, and I wouldnt even dream of piracy now would I? :P There's simply no time to be dilly dallying around with simple sprite animations anymore, sorry.
Contrary to the above paragraph, if you're reading this and either never seen said flash animations, or just plain hate me and my earthly soul for releasing such badly animated, pixellated, plaguristic crap onto the net and pity me for beleiving someone gives a damn about them, this is for you

I wuv joo

Have a good one

The Euology


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2007-10-23 17:58:32

My word means nothing to you (far more than probably), but I really think you should keep making FF:NG. It was far better than you seem to think. I hope you keep making the series! Cause I'm personaly sick of all the crap that trys to kill me.

Hope you keep at it!
Heartless789 A.K.A. Jake


2008-02-15 19:52:07

i would like to post this next time you log on take into consideration of my work i finished the first part and am working on part two it will probly be good but its up to u.


2008-04-10 19:52:42

The more I see the more I know the more I'd like to let it go. Heeeeeeey oooooh.


2009-03-16 22:40:49

seriously you should reconsider, i know you will never pick it up again but i watched went it came out (i was 14 i think) and it has stayed in my memory as one of the most original things on newgrounds.
I know you probably wont get around to read this but oh well.
god luck with college and uni etc


2009-09-02 15:31:08

man, that sucks. i just saw your two flashs and DAMN were they funny.
i must say, keep up your college work and give us a really good conclusion to
final fantasy in newgrounds!


2009-11-07 15:31:20

FF:NG was one of the better duologies (or submissions in general) on this site and quite frankly, I think you should finish off properly with a third episode rather than leave the fans hanging with the (pretty shocking) ending of FF:NG 2. One last episode; that's all we're asking.